Building High Performing Cultures

A unique experiential learning program that uses the metaphor of a pit crew to develop your leaders and team into high performers.

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Teaming on Steroids

Your team will never think the same way about high performance.
Prepare to be challenged!

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An Experience of a Lifetime

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Find out how we work and what we do to build high performing cultures.

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The Pit Crew Challenge Book

With such rich content and learning from the experiential program we have compiled them all into this book.
Order your copy today and Bob Parker will even sign it for you!

Challenge #1 – Getting past competition to teamwork

Challenge #2 – Perceiving – and working from – the right context

Challenge #3 – Getting groups to consider people before processes

Challenge #4 – Putting values first

Challenge #5 – Keeping complexity from bogging things down

Challenge #6 – Getting team members to trust each other

Challenge #7 – Getting beyond observation and imitation to a coaching culture

Challenge # 8 – Ego!

Challenge #9 – Getting workers to function on effectively in a flat team model

Challenge #10 – Breaking down silos, to encourage communication across teams

Challenge #11 – Focusing on the customer while remaining engaged in tasks


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