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We are a learning program through and through, and use the metaphor and experience of a pit crew to teach high performing cultures. Find out more here about how this works.

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Become a pit crew to experience a high performance workplace culture.

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Break the script with an experience that your people will not soon forget. The metaphor of a race-car pit crew is brought to life through our unique expert facilitation, teaching the principles your people need to develop a high performing team.

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Integrate YOUR learning design to create a program that drives high performance.

Learning Outcomes

Here you can find out  about our typical learning outcomes that we drive in our program. We do customize our delivery, however there are some  key fundamentals to high performance.

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Things You Should Know.

Permission to Play

Permission to Play

“You have permission...” Perhaps one of the most overlooked motivators that rarely gets taken advantage of to move people to action. Permission. It is introduced in our lives quite innocently as a tool of protection. As a child, it appears as though your...

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3 Strategies For Team Risk Taking

3 Strategies For Team Risk Taking

In our last post, we talked about the issue that organizations tend to avoid risk taking. Today we will offer 3 Strategies to help mitigate some of those risks so you can work at a high performing level. Create a Coaching Culture Imagine an environment...

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We get asked a lot how this program came to exist. Find out more here and the types of work we do.
It is a neat story.

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Check out our book, The Pit Crew Challenge: Winning Customers Through Teaming. So much learning comes out of our program, we had to capture it in a book.

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