What is the Pit Crew Challenge?

Building High Performing Cultures

How Do We Do It?

Experiential Education

What is this and how does it work?

Taking your people away from their every day and placing them into a metaphor where they live the part helps them to take risks in a safe environment and open their minds to learning. The further you can get them from their everyday, and out of their comfort zones, the more impact you can have with sharing new ideas in a meaningful way.

Our Own Experience

What gives us the right?

We have been delivering this program since 2001 and are the original pit crew program created around delivering specific learning outcomes to drive high performing cultures. We only deliver programs where education and development are the driving principles.

Our partners are some of the world’s top and most recognized custom corporate education programs. We offer world class delivery that is sought after by leading organizations throughout North America and Internationally. We pride ourselves in working collaboratively to ensure seamless delivery of desired outcomes in structured learning programs.

Innovative learning organizations seek out our unique experience to offer insights that enhance their programs for high potential employees and leadership development programs.

Learning Outcomes

What are our key learning points?

People vs. Process
People drive processes, not the other way around. Why do we spend more time on developing process over people? These need to be aligned.

Managing Complexity
The potential of conflicting values means we have to manage complex concepts.

Driving Values to Execution
What are the values by which we operate? Do we know what drives value for our customers?

Building a Coaching Culture
Trust, Managing Risk, Ego, and Common Goals are crucial for a creating a culture where coaching is meaningful.

Understanding Risk
Ambiguity around risk creates plenty of roadblocks.

Metrics & Rewards
How we measure and reward our people have an impact on culture. Are these aligned to your organization’s values?

What are the roadblocks that keep people from working together in a supportive manner?

Developing a Customer Focus
When should we focus on customer needs?

Breaking down Silos
The greatest roadblock to creating a collaborative and coaching culture.

Why Does it Work?

Why metaphorical and experiential education?

Adults learn more effectively when they can use their own experiences as a starting point for learning in an environment that is free from the risk of potential embarasment.

Put people into an environment where they can ‘play in a metaphor’ with some well facilitated opportunities to reflect and learn, throw in an expert to enhance engagement, and you have experiential learning at its finest.

This trend in learning development has not replaced classroom learning sessions, but enhanced it. Experiential Learning utilizes the strength of the expert in the classroom while recognizing the varied and diverse experience participants bring with them.


Types of programs:

Where we have been utilized?


  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Customized Executive Education at Business Schools
  • Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Conference Break-Out learning sessions
  • Advanced Management Programs
  • Six Sigma Programs – Lean
  • Client alignment events
  • Executive MBA Programs

The intention to move the whole organization at one time, toward one culture, by one means, is destined
to evoke compliance, not commitment. It becomes high persuasion, not high performance.

Peter Block

From his Book - Stewardship

We Come To You!

North America

Our programs are offered throughout North America in various types of locations. Race tracks are optional, and in fact, would not be our usual every-day delivery location. We come to you, and a simple parking lot with a flat smooth surface is all we need. So whether that is right out side your office door, or in the parking lot of your meeting venue, we bring everything we need to make this a unique learning experience. Don’t get us wrong… race tracks are fun!

How Much Time?

1/2 Day Program

Typically a four hour program, this experience can be delivered in a morning or afternoon as a stand alone activity, but really shines when partnered with additional development and facilitated discussions. Participants spend a good amount of time around the race car, but an equal amount of time is spent in the classroom discussing themes and how they impact team dynamics.

Our Ideal Audience

We work exceptionally well as an integrated part of your learning development program. From leadership to high potential development programs, to retreats, and strategic meetings, we play very well, and work hard to ensure an aligned experience.

As few as 12 participants to 50+ for each half day. In our experience the ideal size group is 20 to 30 participants.

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