Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver this program?

We come to you. We work throughout North America and bring our equipment to the delivery site. Typically we work in parking lots, levelled parking garages, and some times race-tracks (but those are rare). Check out our logistics page for more info.

How do you address potentially poor weather?

When you have a program delivery, and everyone is on site, you want your program to run. We couldn’t agree more. We suggest that you take into account the time of year and what could potentially occur. Some of our clients have a tent for backup, which can also be used as a classroom for the debriefs. A covered parking garage is a great solution as it provides cover from inclement weather and the sun. A little out-of-the-box thinking, and we have always been able to make a location work.

How physical do people get?

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our program. There are many roles on a pit crew team, some are more physical than others, while others are extremely low impact – it will depend on the size of the teams. People self select their role based on their desire, and capabilities. Each team has a jack person which is perhaps the most physical, however, we use a type of jack that is easy for most people to use, and we train them well to use it properly. The gunners (two per team) use the air guns to remove the wheel nuts and replace them, they are required to get on their knees to perform this task (knee pads provided). Minimal lifting is involved. So while the program appears to require extreme physical skill, that is not the case. We spend ample time demonstrating the tasks and roles so that participants understand their jobs. Ability to manage and enjoy adrenaline on the other hand is a desired trait.

What if our group is larger than your recommended size, what options to we have?

Ideally breaking the group into two or more deliveries provides the best experience for the participants. More people means more time as participants need to get their time with the race car. We are always open to conversations about what we can do, but a meaningful learning experience with more people means more time is needed.

What is Experiential Education?

Very simply, experiential education is any form of learning that involves the learner doing instead of simply listening. Much of what we learn on the job is experiential, and is perhaps our most natural form of learning. An experiential learning program structures that experience into learning outcomes through skilled facilitation and discussions.

What is Metaphorical Learning?

Take the qualities of an experience and use them as a metaphor to teach the concepts you want to uncover. What is great about metaphorical learning is it can easily put everyone on an even plane very quickly. In the Pit Crew Challenge, we benefit from the fact that few people have been on a pit crew, yet they are certainly familiar with the concept. This creates a sense of curiosity and openness that is difficult to gain from a more common experience.

How safe is your program... really?

We are glad you asked. If you didn’t ask, it might appear that you don’t care. We care a great deal about safety, and it is a learning outcome that drives our program. We are very proud of our stellar safety record, and work hard to maintain it. We spend plenty of time at the beginning of our program setting the context and training people to do their tasks effectively and safely. Anyone who does not participate in the safety portion is not permitted to participate. While we are working with the car, our team is always stationed directly behind the participants to ensure they are not taking any unnecessary risks, and they are coached in real-time on any safety concerns. We want the participants to have a lot of fun, and we also want them to be safe while learning about high performing cultures. We provide all the safety equipment they need to protect themselves and have a good time.

How much does this cost?

There are a few variables that go into our pricing, and getting to a location varies significantly. We would be thrilled to give you an Effortless Quote.