Learning Outcomes

The types of themes that drive high performing cultures.

Themes we cover in our program delivery.

People vs. Process
People drive processes, not the other way around. Why do we spend more time on developing process over people? These need to be aligned.

Managing Complexity
The potential of conflicting values means we have to manage complex concepts.

Driving Values to Execution
What are the values by which we operate? Do we know what drives value for our customers?

Building a Coaching Culture
Trust, Managing Risk, Ego, and Common Goals are crucial for a creating a culture where coaching is meaningful.

Understanding Risk
Ambiguity around risk creates plenty of roadblocks.

Metrics & Rewards
How we measure and reward our people have an impact on culture. Are these aligned to your organization’s values?

What are the roadblocks that keep people from working together in a supportive manner?

Developing a Customer Focus
When should we focus on customer needs?

Breaking down Silos
The greatest roadblock to creating a collaborative and coaching culture.