Building High Performing Cultures



All we need is a flat surface like a parking lot and we are good to go. A racetrack is not necessary (we work rarely at tracks), but can be a nice add-on. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Can the race car drive or be pushed into the space you are considering?
  2. When possible we like to run the car, how is ventilation?
  3. Will there be a noise or a busy street nearby?
  4. How can the location be ‘out of the way’ from distractions.

Examples of types of spaces:
– Surface parking lot
– Parking garage/structure
– Underground parking structure
– Indoor shop (cement surface)
– yes, even a race track!


We bring a truck and trailer that hauls the race car and equipment. Need some space to park and unload near the delivery site, the closer the better.
We do not require electricity to run our program.


Time of year will affect the type of weather. This program has been delivered in every sort of environment you can imagine, but there are some things you should consider.

  1. Our race car cannot be exposed to significant rain.
  2. A location that provides some flexibility would help for planning.
  3. Think tent, or covered garage just in case as a back-up.

Safety Equipment

We provide safety glasses, mechanic gloves, knee pads, and any other needed safety equipment. Participants should be instructed to dress comfortably for the weather with the understanding they will be doing something somewhat physical. Flat sole shoes (no heel), and no open toe is required. A simple running, tennis, athletic shoe is best.

The Classroom

For this 4 hour program, we spend about half of that debriefing and instructing on high performing cultures. This requires a classroom or debrief area, and closer to the race car is ideal. If indoor classroom is desired, then think about proximity to the race car location. We ask for a space with chairs and a flip chart. A couple of tables for equipment and refreshments are also a great idea.


The Checklist

Download the link below for a PDF checklist to help you with creating the perfect event.

Ideas For How We Play Well.

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Customized Executive Education
  • Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Conference Break-Out learning sessions
  • Advanced Management Programs
  • Six Sigma Programs – Lean
  • Client alignment events
  • New Hire Programs
  • Executive MBA Programs
  • Perhaps you have some ideas to add.

Our Ideal Audience

We work exceptionally well as an integrated part of your learning development program. From leadership to high potential development programs, to retreats, and strategic meetings, we play very well, and work hard to ensure an aligned experience.

As few as 12 participants to 50+ for each half day. In our experience the ideal size group is 21 to 36 participants.

How Long Is The Delivery?

Well that depends…

Typically we are a 4 hour program.

Can be less, but it depends on the size of the group and what you hope to accomplish. We recommend the full four hour experience.

A good window of time for this experience is a morning or afternoon as a stand alone activity, but really shines when partnered with additional development and facilitated discussions for the remainder of the day. We highly recommend incorporating Pitcrew with other strategic learnings or events.

Participants spend a good amount of time around the race car, but an equal amount of time is spent in the classroom discussing themes and how they impact team dynamics.

Some Items of Note.

We Come To You!

Our programs are offered throughout North America in various types of locations. Race tracks are optional (and rare), and in fact, would not be our usual every-day delivery location.

We come to you, and a simple parking lot with a flat smooth surface is all we need. So whether that is right out side your office door, or in the parking lot of your meeting venue, we bring everything we need to make this a unique learning experience. Don’t get us wrong… race tracks are fun!

What Do We Provide?

We bring all of the equipment and team members we need to deliver the program. We do not require electricity, so remote locations are perfectly fine for us. You just need to find the location that works best for you and your event.


Simple flat asphalt surface.

Simple parking lot with small tent.

Parking Garage (covered)

Under tent

Underground Parking Garage

Indoor (stationary) location

Even a racetrack